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quotes, reviews and articles; explicitly itunes

thought i would share this sort-of bibliography of some recent reviews and articles.

His stunning debut “Curvature” is an impressive display of spiritual expression and musical creativity.
alternative addiction, Chad Durkee, Wednesday April 25th 2007

His voice makes every song soaring and symphonic and so many of the songs on Curvature would be career-defining songs for some bands. For Hedges, its just another effortless part of self-expression.
resident media pundit, New CD Release: Joe Hedges’ Curvature, Greg Robson, Tuesday April 10th 2007

…Hedges possesses an everyman’s poet type of style…With this album, I suspect Hedges is getting himself yet one more step closer to indie-rock semi-stardom and respect. This disc is a proving ground for Hedges, and he proves himself in spades—he has without a doubt made the leap from fun rock front man, to now a respected singer-songwriter.
sound the sirens magazine, Trent Moore Monday April 16th 2007

The snow on the trees and the quiet reminded him of C.S. Lewis’ fictional kingdom Narnia and helped shape the tone of the music.
traverse city record eagle, studio in the woods, Tom Carr, Friday April 6th 2007

…the artwork of Middletown-born musician Joe Hedges, whose artwork for the show also serves as the cover for his latest album, “Curvature.” The artwork is known as the “Leaking Heart” series.
middletown journal, Miami University Middletown exhibits alumni artwork for anniversary, Eric Robinette, Friday April 6th 2007

The new album marks a change in style for Hedges, who used to write and record his demos on the guitar. The new tracks were layered in the studio, resulting in a more exotic sound Hedges likens to “ambient pop.”
dayton daily news, Barnes & Noble conducts ‘Curvature’ CD release party, Eric Robinette, Friday April 6th 2007

unfortunately one of the most revealing articles is not available online. it’s from the town meeting, a weekly paper in the super-small town in Michigan where we recorded the album. this cracked me up:

Of all the places in the world to record a CD, Cincinnati-based musician Joe Hedges and producer Blumpy chose Rapid City…they spent free time at the Village Market, where they purchased food…”The Village Market became our embassy,” he said. “I was like, ‘I don’t know what do you guys wanna do,’ and they were like, ‘I don’t know what do you wanna do?’ I said, ‘Go to the village Market, I guess.’ So we went there.”
Town Meeting, Musicians Record Album on Elk Lake, Megan Taylor, Thursday April 19th 2007

that is because there was nothing else to do but sit in the snow. sit in the snow vs. go to grocery store. some days it really was hard to decide. this became a conversation piece because there is a faded receipt from village market in the album artwork. i bought lots of cherries and bananas there.

getting quite a few itunes customer reviews too

…an experiment gone extremely right!
kidinbigd, iTunes customer review, April 2007

“[Curvature] ventures well beyond the bounds of typical alternative music, showing a darker side of Hedges”
Ohio Listener, iTunes customer review, April 2007

the album is classified as explicit on itunes, which is funny because there is only one bad word on the whole record, and there are no themes that are particularly abrasive. unfortunately the one cuss word is a fuck and it just happens to be within the first second of the first itunes clip of the first song on the album wake up. guess that is all they needed for the explicit stamp. oh well. can’t really blame them. if you’re feeling positive please write an itunes review! you can also create and share an imix, maybe “best songs to paint to” or something like that.

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you don't want no drama, no no no drama

first things first. do you like fergie? i don’t know why, but i really enjoy “glamorous”. “my humps” was fun when it was first released but it’s gotten really old. until now. if you haven’t already you should watch a few seconds of alanis morrisette singing my humps. if imitation is the best form of flattery, satire is the most powerful form of criticism. this makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time. especially the drama part. for real. if somebody touching your ass seems dramatic, maybe somebody you know should die.

i think this really highlights two extremely conflicting–increasingly conflicting worldviews portrayed in music. just something to think about.

speaking of drama, at last friday’s show i got heckled! how exciting. it’s been a long time since i’ve had anyone actually shouting in my face. sure, the occasional “play some skinnard” gets thrown around, but this guy was pissed. i didn’t really acknowledge it at the show, cuz i didn’t want to give him any fuel or extra attention which is afterall what hecklers are after. but now that it’s just you and me in the quiet glow of our computers let me paint the picture for you.

i was trying to get some applause for the two opening acts.
“i want to say thanks to emily [hagathita] and–”
and then i thought
“oh shit i forgot his name…what do i do?”
rather than just skipping him and looking like an ass i said “i forgot his name!” and somebody yelled “eric”.
“eric! right. thanks eric”

so we started playing the next song “float away”. suddenly there’s a guy front of the stage yelling in my face “how could you forget his name you fucking homo?!”

was that rhetorical?

umm i don’t know. i just forgot. sometimes i forget things. i didn’t have time to think then but now i know the answer: i guess Eric is not a particularly memorable name. that probably had something to do with it. if his name was zantar or chickenman or something, i would have definitely nailed it, “thanks to emily and chickenman!” but “eric” i just could not extract via the mis-firing synapses in my brain.

plus, i’m not good with names in general.

regardless i don’t really see the correlation between homosexuality and memory loss. but i did pick out a really awesome shower curtain the other day! and i have had trouble remembering my new address so maybe. i was just trying to acknowlege eric! he was good! eric tempe

so anyway. that happened. but the show was great. easily one of the best sets we’ve played in a long long time. we felt really good about it. thanks everybody who came. by now, you are probably eagerly anticipating the arrival of your pre-order CD Curvature! if not, please order one or two today…

be back soon

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trailer accident (video)

hey! welcome to the new website! leave something on the boards letting us know you stopped by. here is a video journal.

i left a couple things out though–i am selling artwork! i’ve been doing these colorful pieces inspired by (or as a contiuation of) the Curvature art, putting them in black frames and selling them at the merch booth at shows. i am calling the series “leaking hearts”, although it has no real end as long as there are people interested in purchasing them. they are small enough to be reasonably priced ($34-$45). you can see some of my favorites as well as the album cover heart on display at the Middletown Arts Center as part of an exhibition beginning today, March 24, 2007 running through Saturday, April 7th.

Middletown Arts Center
130 North Verity Parkway
Middletown, OH 45042

Saturday 9-noon
Mon 9-5
Tues – Thurs 9-9

photos by my friend Jen from St. Patrick’s Day show:

Joe Hedges - Greenville St. Patricks day Show

Joe Hedges - Greenville St. Patricks day Show


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T in your face

mad frog saturday night. this is a lipogram. is a paragraph or group of paragraphs or a book that can not contain a particular symbol. in this paragraph i am not including one symbol in our alphabet. oops. okay so i used it twice. so it’s not an actual lipogram, but it is an awfully common symbol so this is difficult. you should try it. it’s as hard as you think. but fun. kind of.

enough of that.

the other night we played at the mad frog for the four billionth time. we still have fun so hey. if it ain’t baroque. the turnout was really hurt by the weather: rain which turned some of the roads into slushy. mystery slushy. that’s the flavor for white sometimes. anybody eat air heads? the white air heads are “mystery” flavor. my favorite. here are some photos from the show from the awesome Niles C. Davis:

Joe Hedges live at the Mad Frog Photo Collage
Joe Hedges Mad Frog setlist
T pointing finger

my voice was not in top shape. i had a severe tooth ache so i spent a day at the dentist and the rest of the week on the couch on pain pills. apparently that’s not good for singing. i felt like i had no strength

the good news is that we have several area shows this month including top cats with our friends oval opus and another mad frog show before the end of march. check the tour page.

what else is new? the music video has received about 30,000 watches in under two weeks so that is good. i believe the Curvature CD’s are being manufactured which means we are ever closer to announcing a concrete release date. when that happens we’ll be launching a new and taking pre-orders online. we’ll be doing some traveling for a week or two at the end of April including hitting philly and washington dc. THAT will be fun. we are also in talks with a mystery man from texas about partnership that could move us closer to some business goals.

oh and the ghost rider movie was really terrible. but ghost rider was awesome. movie: sucko. ghost rider: awesome. did his pennance stare and everything. now i feel like i’m 13. i got out all my old comics. okay i’ll stop talking about ghost rider for a while. i am regressing.

thanks for all your e-mail and myspace support with the new music lately. i can’t wait to get the album out there.

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Ghost Rider

let me tell you why i wear combat boots. for kicking ass. that is the only reason to wear them. they are designed to kick ass.

i used to read comics. maybe i should be embarassed by this but i’m really not. i am, in fact, quite proud to be a nerd. in junior high it was comics, lord of the rings, even dungeons and dragons. i owned my own microscope AND telescope.

when i was a kid, maybe eleven or twelve, i visited my grandmother’s house pretty frequently. one day i was playing outside when i noticed a box at the end of the driveway. as i approached it i discovered it was full of comic books. mostly issues of “the punisher”. i leafed quickly through the pages. comics are like porn for pre-pubescents. guns violence and rippling muscles. much has been made of the “the nerd saves the day” psychology behind america’s recent super-hero obsession so i won’t get into it. besides, it’s not important why guys like these things. or at least, it’s not important when you are twelve. it’s just visceral, empowering, and inspiring. this was my first encounter with violent graphic art and i will never forget it.

i left the box at the end of the driveway and went back inside, although my mind was bent on it for the rest of our stay. when we left, the box was still there. upon telling my parents about it, they agreed to let me take it home. it was as if god itself had delivered them to me–a box of punisher comics, in all of their bloody glory.

as with most interests i’ve taken up, this quickly turned into an obsession. i started going to comic book stores and buying punisher comics. like batman, the punisher has no “real” super powers. he has an obsession for vengence, and lots of toys and guns. oh–and a motorcycle.

in one particular issue, the punisher is riding from place to place on his bike killing foes, when another mysetrious rider pulls alongside him. then, to my amazement the mystery rider pulls out a zippo and lights his helmet on fire. in the next frame, the bike explodes and from the burning street emerges an ominous figure with a flaming skull for a head. enter ghost rider.

ghost rider

the idea of vengence was important to me as a kid, i guess because i pereceived the world as hostile and dangerous. i was into the most vengeful of heros–batman, the crow, anything tall dark and mysterious. ghost rider is the self-proclaimed very “spirit of vengence”, whose super power is his “penance stare”. ha! but it’s not only vengence that made him so appealing. ghost rider is rock and roll. black leather jacket, boots, hellfire chain, his frickin’ face literally melts off when he gets angry–the guy oozes punk rock and metal. i had little interest in music when i was twelve, but in a weird way i guess i knew i wanted to rock.

i don’t read or follow comics anymore, but i have been waiting my entire life for a movie about my favorite character. i don’t know anything about the movie except that it’s called ghost rider, and that’s all i need to know. it could be the worst piece of crap movie ever (in fact i’m kind of planning for it…), and that will be okay. it is a bit bittersweet, that feeling you get when something that seemed personal is thrust into the mainstream. but on the positive side, when your favorite unknown band finally goes platinum, at least you can say “i told you so!”

lace up those combat boots and dust off your leather jackets! i’m off to the show.

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holy crapola! #6 on Youtube

the mitral video has received nearly 5,000 watches in one day! we thought we might be able to get it in the top 100 but the top 10 is super amazingly awesome. thank you guys so

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Mitral Valve Prolapse Music Video

Happy Valentine’s Day! while it isn’t a love song, it does have some hearts in it. Big thanks to Eric Stewart the director who worked countless hours on this, and all the people who volunteered their time to be in the montage at the end.

some shots from production:

Heart Painting in Forest Heart Painting in Forest

T Miller in TruckEric Forest Chair


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Cooper's Closes, Slaphappy At T's House (video)

Cooper’s, our bimonthly hangout for acoustic shows, has closed its doors indefinitately. Thanks to everyone who came out to these shows and made them so much fun. It was a great opportunity to get to know some of you guys and of course, to work on our songs.

Wednesday we went to T’s house, made a toast to seven months of good times at Cooper’s and played an acoustic set for our own amusement. (and now yours…)

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Postcard 2 of 5

the second in the series:

postcard 2 of 5

get one at any show this month!

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the sound

last night we played our every other wednedsay acoustic show at coopers on main. a big group of people drove down from dayton, so we had “kelly request hour” and played a lot of JFK stuff. then force-fed them “mitral” a couple times, in preparation for the music video push coming the end of this month.

i just got a myspace message with this today. New Cincinnati radio station. maybe one of my new songs would work with their format?

94.9 The Sound is asking about local bands to support and asking people to call in w/their opinions. Of course I already called. :-)But for others, the number is (513)-669-5082. Just thought you’d wanna know! White bird rocks! We’ll see you the 29th!

so.. if you feel like calling them up please do! send them here to or

happy holidays!

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