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collect all five

people take me more seriously and more openly in new york. with that said, they don’t have buckeyes and sometimes it stinks like vomit and ketchup

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power to the people

you did it! you voted me first place

The Q102 I Love Cincinnati Choice Award
for best singer of a local band. hurray!

presently 31,019 votes. the competition is supposed to be over but it’s still taking votes for some reason. thank you so much. i know you guys work your butts off supporting me and it means the world. i truly am not worthy. i am just a dude with some songs. the poll probably should have been “who has the most dedicated fans”. this is a really neat thing. i wish there was a way i could repay you. hey if you are ever in a poll or running for local election, let me know. i will campaign for you. i will design your campaign materials, and distribute them door to door. i’ll make your website. i’ll even make a jingle of your campaign slogan.

i also want to say hello to a most formidable opponent Oval Opus (who came in a close 2nd in the poll). great guys and a great band who we have known for years. we are trying to get together for a show with them at the end of january.
so i think i will be doing a phone interview with the radio station on-air monday morning sometime. in the cincinnati area that’s 101.9FM, WKRQ. Q102 is the biggest pop station in cincinnati. they were supportive of us as july for kings when we were with MCA Records, spinning “normal life” a few times, and we did a couple events for them. now it would be really great if we could get a station like that (or a few stations like that) to support a song from a record that was an independent release…but one day at a time.

as i understand it, radio (and media in general) is very much about selling advertising. and the best way to sell ads at a higher price is to play music that people want to listen to. so maybe something like this sends a message that we have passionate listeners out there in their market. listeners that may listen even more if they were spinning us… more listeners = more advertising revenue = radio play for me = everybody wins!

hey it seems simple to me, but it is of course tricker than that. otherwise there would be local bands on corporate radio stations already and we know that is pretty rare. i think we have at least a few songs that would do very well at top 40 if they were given a chance but i guess we’ll see. but by just doing a poll like this, the station has invigorated a base of people excited about local music and that is a great thing for everybody.

we now know, that if we need you guys to vote the crap out of something, or bombard someone with calls or demands, we can do it. that is real power in a free society. especially in today’s market where thanks to the leveling power of the internet, music listeners increasingly really do determine the music they listen to, rather than being content to consume whatever comes down the pipe. in 2 seconds you can hop on myspace and listen to whatever song you want, wherever you want. instead of waiting for somebody at a radio staiton to guess (incorrectly half the time) what you will like and what you will want to listen to at that moment.

so as consumers become addicted to their ipods and sirius radio and the internet and move away from traditional radio, i actually do think media would be smart to have increased local content. and that’s not just because i’m a “local” musician– what is the one thing that your local media can provide that national media can’t? well duh! local content!

anyway. my rant/opinion for the night

but i started this just to say THANKS!

monday morning when i do the interview i’ll be in new york my with friend and music video director Eric. we are going to shoot the last scene for our video in times sqare. i love new york, everything about it so i’m really looking forward to the trip. eric wants me to keep a tight lid on the content and our plans for it until it’s all done so i’m not going to say anymore. but it’s killing me. just so you know.
i’ll take some pictures in nyc. i’ll be back wednesday for the coopers show, then enjoy thanksgiving with my family.
then saturday i’ll be doing an acoustic set in columbus opening for a friend’s band The Brave Youngster.

thanks again guys!
you rock my casbah

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the other night after our cooper’s show
dan and i were walking out to our cars
there was a bum wandering the sidewalks begging. there usually is at least one. he had a really strange squealy voice and was asking dan about me “he’s going to make you famous right?”
dan “yep. yes sir”
“is he an artist?”
“yeah he’s an artist and a singer he does it all”
then to me “can i get a cigarette?” i had a free pack of kool milds i got from one of the kool promotion people a while back so i gave him a couple. then to my surprise he reached into his pocket and handed me a polished rock. he said here you can have this. awesome! a polished rock. i’m not being sarcastic. when i was a kid i collected things like rocks. this one is not perfect but it’s definitely been tumbled or polished somehow.

polished rock and penny for scale

see? as if you needed another reason to help others in need–you never know when you’ll get a free polished rock.

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i just booked sort of a last minute acoustic show in columbus saturday nov 25th.
i am sipping on a glass of wine. celebrating a pretty good three day run of shows. this wine is made with the tempranillo grape, one of my favorites. normally the grapes are grown in Spain, but these grapes were locally grown here in lexington kentucky jean farris winery. and it’s fricking amazing. big and fruity. someday i will tell you all about my very personal love affair with kentucky wines. in case you’re concernred i just took a quick snob test
which concluded that i don’t “have a snobby bone” in my body. hey science never lies. i do drive a piece of shit car. with pride.

in reverse order: tonight’s show was in lexington kentucky, my current place of residence, for a friend of mine kyle m. lake who was celebrating a pilot/trailer for an independent film he is directing (

kyle m lake joe hedges

(this was a movie character themed party. kyle is an aviator i stole his glasses.)

kyle joe 2

thanks for the invite! i had a blast and made a few fans. great turnout. i met a lot of nice people from lexington. the blue line is a very nice new club. the vibe was good. i have to get me a pair of those welding goggles. er i mean aviators. and then an airplane. thanks matt b and tony and everyone else who came. thanks brittany for this picture:

life is blurry
life is blurry.

thursday we played the clique lounge in covington, ky. clique was recently voted one of the tops bars in the cincy area. i have to agree. super cool lights and decor and music and pretty people. this place is almost too cool for us. i mean at heart we’re all midwest farm boys, we’ve just absorbed some of the metro sensibilities and interests that come with being in a band or trying to do anything in art music or entertainment. so yeah, it’s a little more like new york city’s Flute than cheers, but we’re adaptable and we dig eclectic people and night life wherever we can find it. wanna feel super-cool? clique is the place.

clique lounge covington
getting our levels set in the dim red glow. thanks to niles for the photo!

normally they have DJ’s spinning motown, funk and jazz. so we had planned to play everything a little more upbeat. but inevitably our set drifted into hyper ballad territory, which is what i think we’re becoming the best at, at least in the acoustic sets. it was cool though–the vaulted ceilings gave everything a soaring quality and enough people that showed up to see us to make the place seem like a party. we are considering making a regular thing of clique.

wednesday we did coopers (which is a already regular thing every other wednesday). coopers is always a blast. we are super comfortable there. if clique is flute coopers is cheers. i think the acoustic format has really made us all better musicians. we are incubating all over again. it forces you to focus more on your playing and your pitch and the lyrics and the musicality of the experience, instead of just being loud and crazy. plus doing some piano version of JFK songs and new songs is helping me to be a better piano player and making me think about the chord progressions.
dan mcquinn time elapse
dan setting up a drum time elapsed.

cello guitar sex

i would like to work more on our improvisational playing. maybe in the coming weeks. T has been really working the classical cello. he plays a few bach pieces at every acoustic show. it’s amazing and he’s getting better and better. i am trying to talk him into letting me record and release an EP of him playing bach cello concertos. would you buy it?

i think i am getting better about controlling my voice, although this can be hard being in bars around cigarettes and alcohol. for the record, i did quit smoking a couple years ago, but i’ll have one or two occasionaly if i have a drink. so maybe i didn’t quit. whatever. now a pack lasts me a couple months instead of a day…so with that in perspective i’m doing alright.

now for the internet news.
i put up a help out page: there you can give us a dollar or learn about how to make us myspace friends and new fans.

and speaking of helping out, this q102 poll is just mind-blowing (see previous post). that 10,000 + mouse clicks went through as votes for me is astounding. if it’s not an actual endorsement that i may be one of the best singers of a local band in cincinnati, it at least speaks loudly about your determination and support for my music. the poll ends at midnight on friday Nov. 17th. so we shall see the victor in a week. but regardless of how it plays out THANKS for voting 10 thousand times. i can’t count that high.

humbly yours,

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#1 Q102 “i love cincinnati” best local band singer poll,
myspace top 100,
alternative addiction top 20 singles,
100 posts on the new boards

this has been an excellent couple weeks! and i only have one song up! you guys are just the greatest. thanks for all the voting and enthusiasm and support. i can’t believe that q102 poll numbers went up so fast! there’s still a week left in that poll so i guess we’ll see what happens. but that is just crazy. these will be great stories for the press kit as we continue shopping around this new album to try and get something happening.
i am getting ready for soundcheck for the night three
tomorrow i’m off so i’ll write more but just wanted to extend a quick thanks. thanks!
much love


vote Cincinnati best singer:
visit, click on Jeff & Jenn’s “I love Cincinnati”, find the fourth poll, select sixth option hit submit.

vote Alternative Addiction:

visit the charts, select “Wake Up”, scroll down and hit submit.

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hey there!
happy thurdsay. in addition to moving up slightly in the myspace top 100 charts (unsigned experimental)
“wake up” is now in contention for the top 20. please go here and vote:
you can vote as many times as you want. just don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome and sue me!

listening to:

Deftones Saturday Night Wrist album cover

the new deftones album Saturday Night Wrist.

amazing. it’s so beautiful and expansive and different and everything i love about the deftones and their continuing evolution toward godliness. love it. i have every album.

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The Supermegablog

so what have i been doing for six months?

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Joe Hedges

the new album will be released as Joe Hedges.

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Acoustic Shows Wanted, The Waiting

I just sent a mailing about this

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Bassist Wanted

it’s time to make a formal announcement

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