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the wind and rain are relentless

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robotic bumble bees

i am so happy to be working with blumpy again

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Black Squirrels and Sailors

i have always wanted to live on a lake and now i am living on a lake

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The Great Crossing

in three days i am moving to michigan

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last weekend i went and saw my sister Amy at the Fenwick High School talent show. i was also treated to two covers of JFK songs by high school band Aura. they did champagne and the real america, both of which were good. i also really enjoyed a beat-boxing duo. And Amy was great as always, although the pa left a little to be desired. i think high school talent shows are awesome. when i was going to school there, they didn’t have one. now they do. slowly, the world gets better.

for the last four days, we have been doing pre-production with producer/mixer/sound engineer kirk kelsey. Kirk has been on tour in europe with 3 doors down, and he’s back out in a couple weeks. so it is especially rockin that he was able to make some time to travel here and work with us. we hope his family can forgive us. kirk is super nice and talented and we are considering working together on an ep or even a full length this summer.

there was something else i meant to tell you but i forget now. ah well.

i hope you are good

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