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hey. this is just a quick reminder. we’re having a big online party tonight over in the chat room. come say hi if you get a moment.

and of course, this saturday is the show at the frog.
come make some noise


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big loud mean

alright alright. last night was awesome. i know i say that after every show, but seriously, last night rocked. we had a better turnout than we’ve had in months, and i sang one of my better shows in a long long time. old friends, new friends…old songs, new songs…saving ray, stonewater. good times.
before the show, we ate at the best chinese restaurant in at least the cincinnati area, if not all of america, Oriental Wok. I had stir fried halibut, one of the current specials.

we were a little late getting back, so i had to do a real half-assed vocal warm up. i felt alright already, and i think i sang well, so i guess it didn’t matter much.
we played:

Start Again
Bed of Ashes
Anything but Beautiful
Six Hour Drive
Perfect World
New Black Car
And Gomorra
a little Bach (T cello solo)
Invincible (me solo)
Normal Life
The Distance

we’ve been mixing up the set quite a bit, trying to get a sense of how the new songs are going to work in context. i think we’re getting close to something that makes sense.

it was Aaron’s last show. one more time, thanks Aaron. We’ll miss ‘ya.
this coming weekend is memphis. looks like it’s gonna be a party. there are a ton of people from the cincy area making the trip down there to see us. i expect a good crowd, and a big party. i should also point out, in case you missed it–we just scheduled a bunch of shows out in the PA area again for the end of July.
speaking of July. several people have e-mailed me offering their assistance in my acquisition of fireworks, for the post-show the night of the fourth. apparently you can buy big loud mean ones from Mexico for cheap.
and that’s what we’re looking for here. big loud mean ones. this is a quest. it’s a crusade. to make fire and noise in vegas, the holy land of big loud and mean. i will keep you posted.

lastly, Rebecca, friend and fan, has been working diligently on a new July For Kings Army site. in fact, it’s nearly finished. So expect that to launch sometime this week or next. and look forward to another new song very soon here in

have a nice sunday


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Holy Crapola

We’re playing with
Kill Hannah again! I’m so excited to see those
guys. We’re playing with them, Red Wanting Blue,
and Vertical Horizon at OSU on May 9th. We
haven’t played in Columbus in a long
time. For all of you Columbus peeps, check out
more big free concert info on the tour page.

Did you happen to check out the site yesterday?
Gotcha. We are some pranksters. April Fool’s.
(yesterday the site was all ugly and stupid, as
if someone had hacked it. actually, as if Sam and
i had hacked it.)

Wanna hear something almost funny? Check
out this MP3

from the radio interview the other day, courtesey
of Chris and Sean. Also, if you’re in the Lehigh
Valley, their show is on this saturday on blue
ridge cable and sunday on service electric cable.
Check listings and showtimes at
This week, it’s all about July For Kings’ recent
trip to Allentown.

i am going to start working on an image gallery
RIGHT NOW. hopefully it’ll be up today or

talk to ‘ya soon.

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New Gallery

me again. The gallery is done! check it out. i left the two older ones up as well.

I had an absolutely MASSIVE amount of photos to sort through this time, so if i didn’t get any shots that you took up there, i apologize. next time. thanks so much to everyone who’s been taking photos, putting them up on the net, sending them to us, etc. you rock.

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The Internet

Howdy! February is shaping up to be a good month for us on the internet. We are now the band of the month on the French website,,
and the featured breakout artist on (select “Artists” then
“Breakout” from right side menu. Thanks so much to our friends at those sites for helping to spread the word about the album. Check it out:

While i’m at it, thanks also to the people behind
and for their continued support. There are lots of people working hard to keep the internet rocking.

By frequenting their sites, you help to support up-and-coming bands, and the
continually growing relationship between music and the net. I haven’t mentioned it in this journal yet, but an acoustic version of “Normal Life” has
been up in the music section of this site for a few days. Be sure and check
it out. (It was recorded live, so forgive the performance imperfections…)

This week we’ll be rehearsing for the upcoming shows. I’ll let you know how
it goes.


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Killing Time

Sam Dobrozsi, Jason Morgan, and T Miller goofing off

holding a guitar makes a drummer feel cool.

Hello again. Another day of band practice, or “rehearsal”. We got in the habit of calling it rehearsal a few years ago when we started actually rehearsing a set, instead of just goofing off and playing songs. It sounds a little more professional, and we need all the help we can get in that respect.

Recently, it’s back to “band practice”. Actually, we’ve been working on new material, and maybe a few new covers, since we’ll be home for a month or so. Why? Well for one, we’re working on a plan for a second single, and a second game plan, so to speak, for 2003. And of course, when i say “we”, i mean us and our managers, MCA, et cetera. Also, when the music industry began celebrating Hanukah and Christmas and what not, everybody completely stopped booking shows for us. And here we are, having band practice…er…rehearsal. Believe me, we want to get out and play at least as much as you guys want to see us. We’re working on it.

I tried to reorganize the main page of the site a little bit last night, in order to let you see at a glance what has changed, and what has not, since your most recent visit.

Someone told me in an e-mail recently , “I love your guys site and how you have the journal on there everyday. Most other musicians don’t even take the time to look at their damn page”. The website is almost as important to me as writing songs (although maybe you wouldn’t guess it, from the lack of news updates and music updates recently…i’ll get to that in a moment). I think the music industry as a whole has underestimated and under-used the power of the internet. It is by far the most convenient way of keeping in touch with friends and fans, and sharing music. The internet is the future of music. I know for a fact that there are people reading this journal who haven’t even bought the album! Until a few years ago, i think digging up music and info on a band via the internet was something you did only if you bought the CD and really loved it. Now, it’s practically the opposite. If that’s not an indicator of the state of things, and the direction technology and music are headed, i don’t know what is. If i’ve rambled about this in a journal before, i apologize. With all that said, i am going to try and make an effort to keep things a little more fresh around here. If i had the time, i would completely redesign the site every few months. I don’t, unfortunately. For now, we’re just going to try and keep putting up new stuff: photos, possibly some video clips, more songs (acoustic versions, live stuff), and of course, more journal entries, assuming there’s stuff to talk about. I’m also thinking of doing a few “audio updates”, like we did back in the day. And if you get bored here, or just want to read/know more, remember to check out a really great fan site, Thanks to Mike for working so hard to make it a cool place for JFK fans to hang out and contribute. As always, we’re doing our best to keep up with e-mail; if we haven’t written you back, we will (except maybe T, who has never really been a big fan of communicating electronically).

take care!


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Hello Again

Hey guys. Welcome to the newly redesigned I hope you like it–i’ve been working for a couple weeks on it. I figured I had better re-do it one more time so that it fit in more completely with the album graphics.

Take a look around. Revised bio, new section for the new album SWIM, et cetera.

We’re getting excited about the Monroe, OH show on Thursday. Hopefully we’ll see some of you out there. Keep an eye out for the new July For Kings tee-shirt. It’s pretty sweet.

I’ve really got to get some sleep now. Talk to you soon.   Joe

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new new new

hey! well i wanted to have a new site done by July. July for new websites. party.

if you don’t want to read about the website on the website, you can skip this entry. i know most people go to band websites to read about bands, not band websites. maybe we should have a separate site devoted to the website: that would be awesome.

do you miss black white and red? i do ever so slightly. but i felt like it was time for a change. a new site to signify a new “era” for us. or a new period, if era is too pretentious. it may be now that i’m thinking… let’s stick with a new period.

we are between albums. so this is the between albums website.

i’ll remind you, as i did when i finished the last website, that you can access any area of the site by just typing www.julyforkings/whatyouwant.
for example, typing will take you right to the message boards. and no messing around with pop-up windows for the boards and the journal anymore.

i made a chat room with flash. actually i altered an open-source one… i guess you have to open the window twice to get it to work. it wasn’t like that running off my computer. but whatever. it works. sort of. i’m looking into getting one of those nifty AIM chat rooms, like they have over at until then, i think the flash room will suffice. it’s better than what we had…

can you tell i’ve had a little extra time? don’t worry, i’ve been writing songs too. (attn: our managers…)

we’re rehearsing today, and tomorrow we’re off to Las Vegas for Red White and Boom. I am completely excited. We’ll see our friends at Mix 94.1, put some money in machines, and play music.

i will try and write at least once from Vegas and let you know what’s going down.

here are a couple photos of us performing the other day in memphis at mud island ampitheater. check out the very small, pink neon sign in the top left of the second one. that’s the peabody hotel. they have ducks. isn’t that an awesome stage? i snagged these from Katy’s photo pages.

see ‘ya.


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