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Joe Hedges could have walked out of the exploded laboratory of Peter Gabriel, Sting and Brian Eno.  Hedges is a recording artist and visual artist living in rural Washington state who creates compositions that range from ambient/instrumental to singer-songwriter (often in the same song), all merging electronic, acoustic and orchestral instrumentation. Having cut his teeth on alt-rock while growing up in Ohio, Joe Hedges has steadily evolved into a soulful and formidable singer-songwriter and ambient artist, even without the aid of parapsychological explosion events.

Hedges first achieved success fronting the alternative rock outfit July For Kings, whose debut album was released on MCA Records in 2002. “JFK” garnered national media attention from Billboard Magazine, Rolling Stone, and InStyle, landing the band national tours with Muse, Collective Soul, The Counting Crows, The Calling, etc. In 2006 Hedges redirected his energies toward creating more atmospheric, contemplative music using his own moniker.

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Joe Hedges

© 2018 (193078385008)
Machines & Dreams (BMI) 

My first ambient/instrumental album produced and recorded in Beigou, a village near the Great Wall in China and supported by an art residency.  From the moment I arrived in Beigou village in China I was captivated by the sounds and the texture of the place. I made recordings of sounds in the forests and any voice and sound that drifted into my temporary residence near the Great Wall.  I made use of a piano in the lobby of a nearby resort, toys and instruments that were left in the residence by the former inhabitants, and of course my MacBook. I did not realize at the time I was making an E.P. I was just making. The title of what came to be a collection of five strange ambient/instrumental tracks Nijidema (你记得吗) is pronounced Nee Jee Duh Ma and means “Do you remember”.

Find Nijidema on Spotify, iTunes, etc.  To best support my creative work, buy it from Bandcamp.

Joe Hedges

© 2010 (884501396820)
Machines & Dreams (BMI)

This is my second full length solo album. I wrote, recorded and mixed the album over a period of several months, mostly in my own warehouse apartment downtown Cincinnati in a neighborhood called Over-The-Rhine. I see the album as my first real outing as a producer. Having cut my teeth as a songwriter in the moments just before pro-tools and Logic software made home recording ubiquitous, I postponed a serious foray into recording for as long as possible, fearing that the technical would hinder my creative workflow. The opposite has turned out to be the case, and I now see the studio (digital and physical) as just another instrument and another field of expression. I took a lot of sonic chances working my way through this record.

Drums were played by my long-time rhythm collaborator Dan McQuinn and recorded by John McGuire. John also recorded some vocals and mixed two songs, “Ladders” and “Magic”.

Support me by buying the album on Bandcamp or iTunes.  Stream for free on Spotify.

“Hedges’ compositions — which range from broadly atmospheric to more direct and upbeat — are elegant, his songwriting mature and accomplished and his soundscapes provocative and full of depth.”
– Citybeat Magazine

Joe Hedges

© 2007 (B0010S7JZK)
Machines & Dreams (BMI) / Blumpco

My debut solo album produced, recorded, and mixed in the dead of winter in a cabin on frozen Elk Lake in Michigan with acclaimed producer Blumpy.

Most of these songs were written in Lexington, KY while I was working at a winery. The record is largely about beginnings and endings.

Support me by buying the album on Bandcamp or iTunes. Stream for free on Spotify.

“Curvature is an impressive display of spiritual expression and musical creativity.”
– Alternative Addiction

“Sting having tantric sex while listening to the new Radiohead”
– Citybeat Magazine

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Joe Hedges - Yamaha PSR-75

Joe Hedges – Yamaha PSR-75

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