Under the mentorship of Joe Hedges, nine Northern Kentucky University art students Nicholas Bowling, Teri Coffman, Richard Criss, Chloe Hauser, Devan Horton, Kala Lewis, Samuel Pointer, Jack Seiter and Denise Wellbrock completed a six-foot high, one-hundred foot long mural on a wall adjacent to the parking lot at Giuseppe’s Pizza on the southern part of Madison Ave. in Covington, KY. The mural was executed over a period of several brisk autumn weeks in 2014, in partnership with Giuseppe’s Neighborhood Pizzeria and Cincinnati Wireless Communications, as a public art component of a Materials & Techniques in Painting course. The mural celebrates Italian Renaissance techniques by featuring a repeated image borrowed from a painting attributed to the early Renaissance master Sandro Botticelli. The original painting, completed around 1480 in Florence, Italy, is a portrait of a young woman as a nymph or a goddess.

Upon finishing the collaborative mural, students also turned the adjacent Giuseppe’s Pizzeria into a pop-up gallery in order to showcase their own works of art. These works were executed with Renaissance techniques including oil painting, silverpoint, and egg tempera painting.  Viva the Italian Renaissance and Pizza!

Botticelli Staircase Mural
Giuseppe’s Neighborhood Pizzeria
2607 Madison Ave
Covington, KY 41014

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