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[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Scroll Improvisation is a collaboration between myself and artist/designer Jiemei Lin, celebrating the connection between art and music. This work was originally performed at the Contemporary Arts Center in June of 2013 as part of a summer performance art series exploring the theme of “the living room”. The press release stated:

In the west, the living room has long been a venue for intimate performances of music for family and friends using inexpensive hand-held instruments. Traditional Chinese living rooms contain a scroll featuring calligraphy and painting. Both western acoustic music and eastern paper scrolls tell stories and reinforce family identities and values.

The performance is something of a game, beginning with instruments arranged on a long scroll resting on the gallery floor. 
When Hedges picks up and plays an instrument, Lin must create a drawing in the area of paper revealed by the instrument’s absence. Both the drawings and the music will connect to each other and will be informed by the space and the audience. 

This work investigates themes including the relationship of music and art, narrative quality of scrolls, drawing, notation and recording, cultural identity and control.


Jiemei Lin

Jiemei Lin

Jiemei Lin

Jiemei Lin is an artist, illustrator and designer from Hangzhou, China now living in Cincinnati, OH.  Her most recent work, 31 Days Self Portrait Challenge Of Daily Style Under $100, was a tongue-in-cheek blog series consisting of vector self-portraits with ruminations on life and love.  The posts were syndicated on a major Chinese website.  Mei has also created installations that combine sculptural elements, found objects, drawings and video works.

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