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Hey. We’re back! On tour, that is. We’re in the hotel room now. T’s pissed that the TV won’t work, and Travis is crushing Saltine crackers all over the floor. Don’t really know why.

Starting tonight we’re back with SR-71 and The Exies. Looks like it’ll prove to be a fun couple of weeks. We love SR-71’s fans. They’re by far some of the most energetic, responsive people we’ve played for. They always make me feel comfortable on stage. So these shows are especially fun.

Unfortunately we had about the most technical problems in one song ever. During believe, my mic stopped working, Jason’s bass didn’t work… It was a bit scary, but by the second or third song everything was cool. It felt great to be back on stage after a week off.

hope your life is good.


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The first full day of SWIM availability come to a close. Cool. If you haven’t been paying attention to anything on this website, SWIM is the name of our debut album. It came out today (well, today to me, as i have not been to sleep). Please please buy it. Buy two. Or fourty. They make excellent Christmas gifts.
We stopped at a certain CD and appliance store on our way from Middletown, OH to Detroit, MI today. T bought a copy, while i bitched at the dude working in “service” about getting my f’ing laptop back. It’s been floating in certain CD and appliance store/certain computer company purgatory for TWO months. I am told that there’s absolutely nothing that can be done. Nor do they know whether or not it was actually repaired. I am strugling to keep this website updated on this old computer, (that a friend graciously loaned to us for the tour), while some idiot in California is playing solitare on mine. While i would advise you to purchase our CD at this certain CD and appliance store, i definitely wouldn’t reccomend getting your laptop repaired there. Unless you need a great excuse to punch someone in January, when you begin to lose your mind about not having it returned yet.

Not much to do at the moment, and i am alone in a hotel room, so i’m just going to keep typing.

Today was fun. Dishwalla and Nine Days rocked as usual. I finally got to chat with John from Nine Days about their leaving Epic and what not… If you haven’t heard, they were dropped from Epic records recently (actually, they asked to be let go, after Epic refused to release their new album). The music business is strange. I don’t claim to understand it, nor is it possible, nor do i ever really want to. The one thing all music industry professionals and artists agree on, is that it’s a strange, screwed-up business. If i had a record label, i would sign Nine Days immediately (and about four trillion other bands). They make good music. All political BS aside, isn’t that what it’s all about? You make good music? Cool. You’re signed. That should be it. In heaven, there is no business. Only the music. Anyway, please go download the new Nine Day’s album. Record label? What record label? How about the internet.

Getting lots of feedback about our album. Thanks to those of you who bought it already, and thanks for letting us know what you think of it. FYI, if you’ve been to a store that’s sold out of it, chances are they’ll re-order shortly. Some stores will get more in within a couple days; some stores take a week to get more copies. And then there are the stores that aren’t carrying it, or aren’t carrying it yet…can’t do much about that. But i swear there are plenty of copies in stores and on the internet.

Talk to you soon.

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We’re home tonight, for the first time in a couple weeks. It’s nearing 6am now, so i’ll have to keep this short. The show with SR-71 was awesome. We had a great time. Thanks to SR-71 to having us out to play with them, and thanks to all you SR-71 fans for being so receptive and fun.
We love Cleveland.

Tomorrow we’re off, then it’s on to Richmond and DC to finish up the You Saw It First Tour.

I hope life is good.
it’s WAY past my bedtime.


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