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For a Better World 2011

I was asked to contribute an illustration to the book For A Better World 2011, a compilation of poems and drawings on peace and justice by greater Cincinnati artists, will be soon finalized. In the book, each poet’s poem(s) is/are illustrated with only one drawing by a greater Cincinnati visual artist.  The illustrations in the book will be included in a group art show of sociopolitical expressions for peace and justice, curated by Saad Ghosn that takes place at the Art Academy of Cincinnati May 27-June 5.


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Two Hands

Two Hands, Acrylic and Oil on Canvas, NFS

I have been selected to participate in Motherlodge Live Arts Exchange in Louisville, KY. This weekend, March 24-26, Motherlodge Live Arts Exchange will present an art exhibit titled “Shelter”, featuring myself and over twenty other regional artists, as part of its Spring Live Arts Festival at the Rudyard Kipling, Louisville KY. Entrance to the “Shelter” Pop Up Gallery is free. Tickets for Motherlodge Live Arts musical and theatrical live acts are available in advance at The exhibit opens March 24, Thursday 7-10pm and will remain open for the duration of Motherlodge Spring Live Arts Exchange, March 24-26. For a complete list of all live music, theatre, and events of Motherlodge Spring Exchange please visit

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Passages Gallery

View from My Bedroom

The View from my Bedroom in Over the Rhine, Oil on Canvas, 3' x 3'

I am pleased to have a piece selected to be included in an upcoming Juried exhibition entitled Emergence. This show includes art from regional BFA students and recent graduates like me. The show is at Passages Gallery and opens on February 5 from 6-9 p.m. Please consider coming out to see my piece and the work of other students from the University of Cincinnati, Miami University, and Northern Kentucky University.

Passages Gallery at Goodman is a new not-for-profit art gallery housed in a historic, 1920s, former elementary school in North College Hill, Cincinnati. The gallery’s mission is to bring art to the students and community of North College Hill.

Emergence Opening Reception
Saturday February 5th, 6pm-9pm
Passages Gallery
1731 Goodman Avenue
North College Hill, OH, 45239-4844

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Northern Kentucky University BFA Thesis Show of Paintings

On December 2nd at Northern Kentucky University there will be an art opening for an exhibition featuring myself, several graphic designers and a ceramicist. Fifty feet of wall space in the main gallery at Northern Kentucky University will be set aside for my paintings. It is open to the public, all ages, family friendly, free, and with free food! The gallery is a beautiful, well-maintained space–one of the nicest and largest in the area. I am extremely excited to have so much of my hard work on display in such a great setting.

This is my senior thesis show, as I will finally be receiving a bachelor of fine arts with an emphasis in painting in December, after some long breaks over the years to tour and record music albums. The show will include some paintings from the Alchemy album art that I had on the walls for the music video premiere last month, as well as newer paintings that have never been exhibited.

I have truly put my heart and soul and whole body into painting over the last few years. I hope that you will consider coming out to see the culmination of hundreds of long days and late nights splattering, pouring, tightly rendering, wiping away, thinking, starting over, wanting to give up, and finally feeling satisfied at the completion of each new work.

The exhibition opens December 2nd with a reception from 5 – 7 p.m. The exhibition continues until December 10, 2010. Gallery hours are Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. For more information contact me joehedges at or the gallery director David J. Knight at Knight at or 859-572-5148. Parking is available in the Welcome Center Garage.

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giraffes on fire

it is my last day here in LA. yesterday i went to see the Dali exhibit at the los angeles county museum of art. it was about Dali’s painting with extra emphasis on his involvement with movies for the LA audience. it was hard at first to appreciate how fun it must have been to look at these works in the 20’s and 30’s. now, they immediately remind me of some stoner dude’s college dorm room poster. once i was able to get past dali’s overexposure and the weird personal associations i have, the show was really enjoyable. at first i thought a lot more about technique and composition than i did content. just looking at his cross hatching and the color structures and all that. looking at surrealist painting would be much easier if you had a reference encyclopedia/biography of the artist’s life complete with their phobias and desires. without a book like that and without a lifetime to devote to the exhibition, my friend mike and i just kind of wandered through and enjoyed the strangeness, reading the placards. we eventually determined that Dali was only serious half the time. the other half, it seems like he’s just goofing off. we came to realize this more and more as we walked through the exhibition. at the end, we were laughing out loud at the ridiculousness of some of the movies and the pieces. i did walk away with a greater appreciation of Dali, if nothing else because of his craftsmanship and technique and general weirdness.

my favorite symbols were the flaming giraffes. giraffes on fire are amazing. i think i will put them in a song if i can find a way to do it. giraffes on fire would be a great band name too.

last night i performed at molly malones. i made some new friends in the last few days. the room was mostly people working on movies. or music. i was worried that i wouldn’t sing well because of a lingering sore throat. i sang much better than i thought i would, although somewhere in the last half of the set i started to close up. it was still way better than i expected and better than last time i was out here too. plus i didn’t break any guitar strings. i determined that i need more interesting stories to tell on stage about the songs if i am going to pull of this solo acoustic thing. i enjoy playing shows like this, but really need to work on my guitar playing and my banter.

i wrote two songs today wings in my gut and fifteen billion years. i have been working with this lyrical idea for a month and still haven’t pinned it down anywhere. this is probably the fifth incarnation and i bet it still sucks. i’ll know for sure when i come back to it tomorrow.

it is still rainy and gross. this weather moved in with me and will leave when i leave. oh well.

i don’t have any adventures coming up for a little while, but i will have announcements.

tonight i’m having dinner at a friend’s house, tomorrow i will leave from burbank airport at 6:15am.

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