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i’m getting ready to send a mailing. i must admit, newsletter night is never fun. i’m doing things kinda old fashioned: deleting all the unsubscribe and undeliverable addresses by hand. it’s a pain. but the hard part is over. now i will try and come up with a good way to say as much as i can in a concise way. i figured i should write a journal first, to get some rambling out of my system. that way, the newsletter will be just the facts. if you read this journal and you’re not on the mailing list, please sign up on the main page of our website. thanks.

just a reminder–saturday is our last show with Aaron Thomas. bummer.

next saturday, we’re playing memphis with Nate from Blue Karma on bass. big thanks to nate for agreeing to this on short notice. nate is great. and so is blue karma, old friends of ours from Dayton.

this just in: We’re playing Las Vegas on July 4th. for the county. so that’s cool. i don’t think a county has ever asked us to do a show before. i will give you three guesses as to who we’re playing with. wrong, wrong, and wrong.

MC Hammer

whoa… i never thought the day would come. i never even thought about it, really. but now that it’s approaching, looking back, even if i had thought about it, i wouldn’t have thought it would come.

as long as there’s fireworks, i’ll be fine. Middletown, Ohio, our old stomping grounds, is not doing their annual fireworks show this year. i think it’s the first time they’re not doing it since i’ve been alive. so we jumped at the opportunity to get out of town. it won’t be the same to be here and not see fireworks.

every year, after the show, we would go to someone’s house (usually mine) and set off roman candles, bottle rockets, shells, and anything we could get our hands on. including last year. two years ago, we almost killed Travis. i LOVE fireworks. since i could hold a lighter. i don’t know what the laws are in vegas. but i know you can’t take fireworks on airplanes, and i guess you can’t mail them either. but somehow, we will apprehend some for the 4th. if you live in the vegas area, and you know how i can come by some really awesome fireworks, and where i can set them off without being arrested, let me know. i’m dead serious about this.

what else is new… we auditioned a guy by the name of Amos today. Amos used to play for Oval Opus. He played well, and seems like a cool dude. so we asked him if he wanted to fly to vegas with us. and he said “yes”. and we said “cool. we’re booking flights tomorrow. what’s your last name?”. and that was that. Three shows, three bassists. Weird. Hopefully Amos will want to stick around for a little while. our live show photos won’t be so confusing for ya’ll. but it’s good that we’ve managed to stay relatively busy, and have been fortunate to find people who could do gigs. we really haven’t had to pass up much of anything.

i wrote a song the other day called “invincible”. i might play it acoustic at the frog. we’ll see.

i hope you’re well.
see ‘ya.


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hey again. i am three and o for the journals so far. i’m doing my best to keep you entertained and informed. it is the end of a very long day. we rolled into the city early. early enough for me to rip large shreds of rubber out of one of our rear trailer tires while trying to park on Bowery. awesome. that makes three days in a row. the tire was still holding air, but t insisted on changing it. he’s was probably right in doing so. i always knock him for worrying excessively about little things, but there are always little things going wrong on me that may have been prevented if i had his mentality. i suppose that’s one of the great parts about being in a band–the checks and balances.

then we had a great soundcheck, thanks to Randy, the greatest sound guy in the world (Fuel, Collective Soul, etc.), and went do dinner.

the show was cool. we played 40 minutes or so, mostly new songs, for a pretty full house, and of course all you internet junkies watching the live stream. we really enjoyed reading the commentary over at the message baords. thanks for being there in spirit. it was so great to be at CB’s again. that is the greatest sounding room in the world. it’s so rock. hopefully we’ll be back within a few months.

after the show, we went out to a club. they let me walk right in, but everyone else was haulted at the door. i didn’t realize it until after i was inside, but it was gay night. i’m not making this up. i suppose they let me in because i look more gay. eventually they all made it through, and T got his butt grabbed on the way. we didn’t stay long, but it was awfully entertaining being there.

i’ll leave you with some photos from the show. i am dead tired.
take care


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nothings and something

another day, another problem with the van. we forgot to turn the light in the trailer off last night, so there was no juice left in the battery today. we talked two lawn care guys at the hotel into giving us a jump. (thanks lawn care guys! hope to see you at the show this weekend.) so that wasn’t really so bad. just set us back a couple hours, and for a day off, being late for something you’re not really “scheduled” to do is no big deal. as a side note–for the last month or so, starting the van has been a two-person operation. one guy has to jiggle the battery cable, while the other guy turns the key. you can’t do it yourself. impossible. unless you had 8 foot long arms. the cable is loose and dirty, and we just haven’t had the motivation or equipment (the right sized wrench) to fix it. we suck. on top of that, the antennae doesn’t like to go up or down anymore. it just makes a loud, deep, scratchy sound for thirty seconds whenever someone attempts to turn on the van. at first, it was startling. now, it’s almost cute.

as i sort of said yesterday, there are always more important things to worry about. or at least, more things to worry about.

so during our day off, Travis, Aaron and i went to NYC to walk around for a while and catch up with some old friends. it was SO cool to be in new york again. if i wasn’t in this band, i would be making art in a 5×5 foot roach-infested studio apartment somewhere in soho. we didn’t really do much today. mainly just walked around looking at crazy people and weird things, feeling like grown-up’s, talking about nothings and somethings.

meanwhile, T and Sam were at Dave’s house to eating his food and play his kids’ video games. they ate meatloaf. i don’t know what they played. Dave is the owner of the Sterling. He rocks. Dave makes our world go round. at least, while we’re in the eastern U.S. i can’t wait to play the Sterling this weekend. but first, tomorrow is CBGB’s! i hope we play well.

maybe we’ll see you in new york. and if not, don’t forget about the webcast at we need your moral support.

everyone is asleep but me. just finished some peanut butter and crackers and a banana. i am smoking a cigarette, glowing from the laptop, listening to breathing from the beds, in and out, in and out, getting very sleepy…

sweet dreams


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hey guys. joe here. well it’s 1:28am. i’m sitting here with trav and aaron. what to tell… well today we played a show in Wilkes Barre, PA. i suppose the best way to look at is a warm up for this week. it was great to do something all ages and see some younger folks.

on the way, we ran out of gas. there are not many exits on the penna turnpike, and there obviously wasn’t enough gas in our tank. simple as that. luckily, we came to a rolling stop directly next to a call box. sam called got out and pressed the button, and we waited for a half hour in the van. i wouldn’t want to experience this with any other group of guys. as i’m sitting here thinking about it, it’s almost laughable how calm we are in those situations. i suppose we’re used to it. there isn’t much that worries us on the road anymore. T always allots about nine extra hours for unexpected events like that, so we were still on time. if it were up to me and trav, we would be late for everything.
uh oh… here comes sam:

“quick! turn the TV to channel 15!” super troopers is on.
“do you want to finish this sam?”
alright i’m out. here’s sam.

(sam) The Great Show. The Secret Show.

On Channel 15 is Super Troopers. It was made by a Canadian comedy troupe called BROKEN LIZARD. They’re funny guys. I recommend this movie highly.

Joe might want to talk about this later, but in case he doesn’t I think I should mention it. Joe turned into a woodsman today. When we ran out of gas on the turnpike, he told us all he was going into the woods to live for a while. We could find nothing wrong with that…so we let him go. With no links to civilization other than his cell phone, a pack of Marlboro Ultra-Lights, a coffee cup, a zippo lighter, his leather jacket, hand-made jeans, paratrooper combat boots, and his designer hair gloss stuff….he set off.

10 minutes later he was back in the van.

So that was our day. Since not a ton of cool stuff happened….I would like to take a moment to talk about something that’s become almost central to my life in the past few weeks. Something that’s changed me.

The Matrix Reloaded.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then you should. Tomorrow. Today if you can. Twice, three times, as much as you can. This movie is the greatest movie ever made. It will stand as the greatest movie ever made until the day I download the third one and see that. At that point, my life will effectively end b/c I will totally stop eating and drinking. I will sit in front of my computer watching Matrix, Reloaded, and Revolutions until I waste away to nothing. It’ll. Be. Awesome.

I’m out duders. Be good. Drive safe. Don’t do drugs.

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to look for America

We’ve arrived in Allentown, PA. We’re going to be staying here for the whole week, and driving a couple hours here and there to shows. Like a hub. That’ll be great not moving stuff around from hotel to hotel. The only real downside, is that it’ll get extremely messy…especially if we sleep past the cleaning people’s cleaning time.

Just thought i would check in with ‘ya. I’ll try and keep this updated nearly daily this week, as there will probably be much to tell. Maybe some photos too. And if not, we’ll just make stuff up.

The drive out here was great. We saw a dinosaur! I made that up. We did see some deer and an Amish dude though.

I think we might run down to the Sterling in a minute to say hi to our friends. Then sleep, then tomorrow at Banana Joe’s.

Talk to ‘ya soon. joe

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Hey you. What’s happening? I have been busy. I am in a good mood. I am drinking Barq’s famous olde tyme root beer. since 1898, it’s good! You know it’s good when tyme is spelled with a y, olde gets an extra e, and the o’s of root interlock. You don’t see that shit on Mug. Good since…2000! You can’t put extra vowels in the description of a product that hasn’t existed for more than fifty years.

We’ve got lots of “behind the scenes” stuff going on right now, so if you get the impression from this website that we are dead, we are not, we are simply doing stuff that isn’t reflected on the internet. Yet. Sam told me the other day that you can catch a live stream of every CBGB’s performance on their official website. That includes ours, this tuesday. So if geography prohibits you from attending, go here and click “go to live stream” under “CBGB & Omfug” at around 9:30. That’s cool. The wonders of technology. We are leaving for a week on Sunday. We’ve been practicing long days in preparation for this trip. I can’t wait to get out and play some shows. New York City and Allentown in the same week…It’s going to rule.

Goodnight folks.


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We love Memphis

I am so depressed. I’ve lost the digital camera.

let’s have a moment of silence.

in the last 24 hours, we took some really great photos of some really interesting things, but the camera is missing. i had it an hour ago, but now, i do not. Brock, our interm bassist, just had a wonderful idea: we’re enlisting the artistic genius that is Sam Dobrozsi, our drummer, to help you visualize today’s adventures.

we arrived in Memphis last night, around 1:00 or so. to help make me sleepy, T played me some Bach on the guitar:

T and i tried to sleep for three hours, and woke up around 6am to head to Channel 3. We performed “normal life” and “meteor flower” acoustic on the show. Also on the show was an Irish step dancing troop, mostly girls, between 4 and 15 years old.

One of the girls, Meghan, began smiling and nodding her head upon hearing “normal life”. i found out later that she and her mom were familiar with the song because of 94.1 the Buzz. Meghan asked for an autograph and a photo, and was so nice, that we decided earlier today that she should be included in tonight’s journal. So we took a picture with our camera too:

hilariously bad drawing of a little girl

Alex and April, the hosts of Live at 9 from Peabody Place, were exceptionally nice and cool about everything. Before we left, we snagged a great shot of T and i at the news desk, flanked by Alex and April:

Terrible rendering of a news desk and news anchors

T and i headed back to the hotel and slept for a few hours before soundcheck. On the way, we heard “normal life” on the radio. It was cool.

The show was a ton of fun, as shows usually are in memphis. We were happy to see some new faces as well as some people we met at the Hard Rock show we did down here in December.

All in all, it was a good set, despite some “technical” problems (as in jumping a

little too high off the drum riser, thus botching the landing). But the crowd was friendly, our friends from the Buzz were out in full force, and a good time was had by all. Here’s a shot from the stage:

Sam drawing of a crowd with hot chicks

We just got back to the hotel, and i am tired beyond description. I promise that if we ever find the camera, i’ll put the real photos up too. not that sam’s interpretations don’t do them justice…but just for history’s sake.

Tomorrow, we’re getting up and driving to St. Louis.


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Hey there. last night was an awesome night for us. We reunited with our friends Nine Days, and played a solid set for an extremely energetic crowd in Mt. Pleasant Michican. We were happy to see people singing along and getting into it. Here a composite of the photos of the crowd i took from the stage
(click photo for larger image):

click for larger image
Look how happy everyone is! Must’ve been the balloon. If you’re one of these fun-loving people who came out and made us feel so comfortable, thanks.

Now for an account of our day. The drive was uneventful (i slept), and upon arriving in Mt. Pleasant, we took our usual extra half-hour finding the place (i slept).

Here’s the venue at around 4:00pm:

After load-in, i embarked on what turned out to be an hour long search for coffee, while the guys played two-hand-touch football with John and Brian from Nine Days:

Thanks so much to Eric Stewart, my good friend/videographer/photographer/recording engineer/stage hand/etc. for coming along and taking these.

Later, after sound-check, Sam decided to wreak some havoc in Nine Days’ dressing room. While they were out, he put around fifty little signs on everything in their room, saying things like “JFK’s Dressing Room”, “JFK’s Table Only”, “July For Kings Iron: sorry, you’ll have to deal with wrinkles”
and on and on. Here’s a peak at the end result:

While we were performing, Nine Days came to our room, opened the windows, turned the air conditioning on full-blast, and dragged two enormous fans into our room. The joke of course, was that they were our “biggest fans”, and our
room was about 10 degrees when we got off stage:

We also received the Nine Days computer virus:

As i’ve said before, in most bands, acting stupid and childish is a part of daily life. Sound-check lasts about an hour, our time on stage is usually under an hour, and we’ve got to do something to entertain ourselves the other 95% of the time:

While i enjoy posting about random events off-stage, i know you may be more interesting in the actual show. Here’s one of my favorites:

And another:

We’ve got some more great shots where those came from. I think i’m going to save them for a new image gallery. Hopefully that’ll be up in a few days. I think i want to start doing smaller galleries, and updating them more often, rather
than waiting for photos to accumulate and posting enormous ones.

thanks for reading.

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Tonight we played at Fusion, a club in Dayton, Ohio. The place was packed. And extremely hot. The most exciting moment for me was the unveiling of the brand new “I LOVE OH” shirt. I silkscreened two of them just last night, one for Sam and one for me, in honor of that bitchy New Yorker i met in Vermont. The worst part of the show, hands-down, was the low, deafening, droning feedback created by my microphone, coming through every single speaker pointed at us, filling up the entire stage during most of the performance. This rendered me unable to sing in the correct key for the first half of Bed Of Ashes. That’s always a real treat–anyone in attendance got to hear an extra scale. Bonus! Two keys for the price of one. On top of that, the feedback was the absolute worst when the microphone was ON THE STAND. You would assume, that if there was one place on the whole stage to position the mic so that feedback would not be a problem, it would be in its home, in the center of the stage, atop a six foot pole. Alas, this was not the case. So for anyone confused as to why we may have been playing like our fingers were stapled to our knees, that is why. All we heard was HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM…SQUEEEEEEEE…

No offense to the club, the sound guy, or monitor guy. The middle band typically does not get a soundcheck, and sometimes that’s just the way it goes. Despite all this, we managed to have a good time, and caught up with some old and new friends side-stage. Coping with Ignorance rocked as usual, and Trapt put on a cool show. i regret that i didn’t hang out at the merch booth and meet/talk with more people, especially people who came out specifically to see us… but i was too weary to brave the huge mass of sweaty bodies up front by the stage.

i’m off to bed. i cannot describe how tired i am.
i may return tomorrow with some photos. but i may not…

in either case,
rock and roll forever.


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