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Call Me Master, Acknowledgements

Jedi Master, Yoda


I did it!  I have received the terminal fine arts degree, the Master of Fine Arts.  I entered the program at UC primarily because I was interested in teaching college art courses.  While I did learn about teaching (and have found opportunities to teach courses at the University of Cincinnati, Miami Hamilton, and Northern Kentucky University), I learned a lot more about being an artist.  I am now much more confident about who I am as a visual artist and I understand what I am drawn to and why.  But the ultimate proof that I have a graduate degree is my ability to write or talk at great length about things no one has ever heard of or are remotely interested in.  Ha!

Truthfully, the best thing about the MFA program was being surrounded by so many people who are as passionate about creating as I am.  I never really had that before in my life.  Now we will all retreat back into our dark corners and studios.  I hope I can still find some support in these people online or in real life, and I am looking forward to following the careers and lives of my inspiring creative peers.  Please visit the websites of my friends and amazing artists:

Fazilat Soukhakian, Jiemei Lin, Yuan Liao, Corrina Mehiel, Greg Swiger, Nicole Trimble, Siavash Yansori, Christy Wittmer, Sharareh Khosravani, Mollie Sheridan, Carrie Grubb, Katherine Tepe, John Cairns, Paul Rodgers, Tyler Hamilton, Max Manning, Jennifer Nunley, Jennifer Wenker, Dan Leonard, Curtis Goldstein, Christopher Mullins, Jacob Lynn, Amanda Checco, Elizabeth Herren, David Armacost, Jessica Robinette, Saeide Karimi, Emily Moores, Jio Bae, Allison Rae Smith, Megan Meyers, Tilley Stone, Nick Scrimenti, Randall Slocum, M. Michael Smith and I know I’m forgetting some people.  Thank you guys.

Please also check out the work of the members of my amazing thesis committee Charles Woodman, Kimberly Burleigh, and Dr. Tracy TeslowJane Alden Stevens also offered invaluable guidance and inspiration throughout the last couple years.

Well I guess that was a little dramatic but now I have a compilation of links so I can check up on everyone!

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백합호 (The Fleur-de-Lis)

Jio Bae and I decided to call the ship 백합호, The Fleur-de-Lis. The strange plastic Fleur-de-Lis we found at the river became the centerpiece of the boat, attached to the top of the stern. Since the symbol is rich with history and meaning (wikipedia it), it seemed well-suited for our humble cross-cultural collaboration. Between Jio’s interest in symbolic representations of nomadism and travel, and my interest in mystery and fantasy, we think the boat suits our personalities. It straddles the line between eastern and western boat archetypes, and is also a good representation of the ratio between “natural” and “unnatural” objects (pollution) lying on the shore of the Ohio river near Cincinnati. The color palette is also delightfully (and accidentally) similar to that of my recent paintings, predominantly brown and neutral with small splashes of synthetic color. enjoy.

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Driftwood and Plastic

Yesterday I went to the Ohio River with Jio Bae, an artist from Korea, to collect wood to make a small boat out of only objects from the shore. We collected lots of wood, both man-molded and river-molded, as well as random trash and bits of who knows what and took it all back to my studio to play with.  Results coming soon.

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