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wet ‘n wild

today i received some photos of T and i at wet and wild, being neither wet nor wild. but playing music. i have never played acoustic guitar at a waterpark. here’s what people thought: “hey. those guys have all their clothes on. why do they have guitars?”.

afterward we signed some stuff.

and hung out with the Mix people. they are nice.

that’s it for now. i have a killer video of six hour drive from the big july 4th show. i can’t wait to put it here on the site. soon, hopefully.

thanks again to andy for taking lots of pictures.


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say can you see

i’m back. it’s nearing 3pm here in vegas. i’m in the hotel room. yesterday was awesome.

we got to the park around 5:30, and roasted in the sun for a while. 110 degrees is hot. we had a little trouble with the rental gear. and some of our own stuff shifted during the flight… but we eventually got everything together. and went on a few minutes late.

it took a song or two to get relaxd, but the rest of the set was solid. it didn’t feel nearly as hot as the sun was going down. it was manageable. no one passed out or died.

even the kids were rocking. thanks to Andy for taking these.

here are some more.

a big stage

a big crowd

yours truly

t gets more rock every day.

Sam and Travis

and introducing…

Amos Heller. Amos may be playing with us for at least a little while. He from Virginia, and moved to Ohio to go to college at Miami University. He’s smart, nice, funny, charismatic, attractive, and a killer bassist. I have a crush on him.

after the set, we signed autographs for an hour or two and watched Hammer (formerly MC Hammer). Hammer’s set was fun. he did too legit and can’t touch this.

here’s the shot you’ve been waiting for:

Travis and Sam with Hammer. Together at last.
then backstage before the fireworks, we met the “Birdman of Las Vegas“, Joe Krathwohl. He is, among other things, a master falconer, America’s only non-zoo breeder of condors, and the owner of Alex, this beautiful bald eagle.

This bird was so amazing. I’ve never been that close to a bald eagle. they’re pretty awesome. must have a four foot wing-span. they eat beef hearts. This particular bird was shot in the wing when he was one year old. it was in a zoo for a while, and eventually ended up in the care of the bird man.

last, we saw some fireworks. this is what fireworks look like.

the fireworks were good. it was a big show. unfortunately, i wasn’t able to find any good fireworks to do myself. but i did stop in tennessee on the way home last weekend and bought some. just coulnd’t bring them on the plane. so maybe i’ll have my own show some other time. it’ll be an un-birthday for the USA.

today, we’re going to Wet N Wild, a waterpark, to do an acoustic show for Mix 94.1. then we’ll play on waterslides. and tonight, we’re eating steak.

I am one spoiled dude. lucky me.

except when it comes to the slot machines. i think i’ve lost about twenty bucks so far.

i hope you are well, and that you had a good fourth of July, wherever you are.

take it easy


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i’m getting ready to send a mailing. i must admit, newsletter night is never fun. i’m doing things kinda old fashioned: deleting all the unsubscribe and undeliverable addresses by hand. it’s a pain. but the hard part is over. now i will try and come up with a good way to say as much as i can in a concise way. i figured i should write a journal first, to get some rambling out of my system. that way, the newsletter will be just the facts. if you read this journal and you’re not on the mailing list, please sign up on the main page of our website. thanks.

just a reminder–saturday is our last show with Aaron Thomas. bummer.

next saturday, we’re playing memphis with Nate from Blue Karma on bass. big thanks to nate for agreeing to this on short notice. nate is great. and so is blue karma, old friends of ours from Dayton.

this just in: We’re playing Las Vegas on July 4th. for the county. so that’s cool. i don’t think a county has ever asked us to do a show before. i will give you three guesses as to who we’re playing with. wrong, wrong, and wrong.

MC Hammer

whoa… i never thought the day would come. i never even thought about it, really. but now that it’s approaching, looking back, even if i had thought about it, i wouldn’t have thought it would come.

as long as there’s fireworks, i’ll be fine. Middletown, Ohio, our old stomping grounds, is not doing their annual fireworks show this year. i think it’s the first time they’re not doing it since i’ve been alive. so we jumped at the opportunity to get out of town. it won’t be the same to be here and not see fireworks.

every year, after the show, we would go to someone’s house (usually mine) and set off roman candles, bottle rockets, shells, and anything we could get our hands on. including last year. two years ago, we almost killed Travis. i LOVE fireworks. since i could hold a lighter. i don’t know what the laws are in vegas. but i know you can’t take fireworks on airplanes, and i guess you can’t mail them either. but somehow, we will apprehend some for the 4th. if you live in the vegas area, and you know how i can come by some really awesome fireworks, and where i can set them off without being arrested, let me know. i’m dead serious about this.

what else is new… we auditioned a guy by the name of Amos today. Amos used to play for Oval Opus. He played well, and seems like a cool dude. so we asked him if he wanted to fly to vegas with us. and he said “yes”. and we said “cool. we’re booking flights tomorrow. what’s your last name?”. and that was that. Three shows, three bassists. Weird. Hopefully Amos will want to stick around for a little while. our live show photos won’t be so confusing for ya’ll. but it’s good that we’ve managed to stay relatively busy, and have been fortunate to find people who could do gigs. we really haven’t had to pass up much of anything.

i wrote a song the other day called “invincible”. i might play it acoustic at the frog. we’ll see.

i hope you’re well.
see ‘ya.


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back in Vegas

T and i are back in Las Vegas, after a wonderful show with The Counting Crows in Phoenix, AZ. We received a wonderful introduction from a couple new friends at The Zone, phoenix’s coolest raadio station, and at sunset, played for a few thousand people. The crowd was fun. And plenty of people were singing along to Normal Life, thanks to The Zone’s continued support of the song. We had a blast on stage; i think it has gone down as one of our most fun performances.

A friend from Syracuse just sent me some awesome photos from a show we played with SR-71. Here’s one:

Cool photos from Rebecca Clark!
To check out the rest, click here.

I just blew a bunch of money (well a bunch to me) on slots and blackjack. T was trying to teach me how to play…gambling is not exactly my thing. I would rather throw pennies in a wishing well all day. Probably have better chances of coming out on top.

We’ve got one more day to kill here before an acoustic show for Mix 94.1, and then we’re headed to Memphis. Three exciting cities in a row. T said to me the other day “i like to travel”. I just laughed and said “it’s a good thing”. We talked about how our interests and lifestyles were always condusive to this sort of job, before we were in a band or on the road. Like we were just naturally cut out for it or something…shortly after, we came to the conclusion that most everyone likes to travel, stay up late, and rock. (well maybe not EVERYONE likes to rock…)

anyway, i’m going to try and find something to do that doeesn’t involve throwing my money on green tables.
take care.


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