hey guys. joe here. well it’s 1:28am. i’m sitting here with trav and aaron. what to tell… well today we played a show in Wilkes Barre, PA. i suppose the best way to look at is a warm up for this week. it was great to do something all ages and see some younger folks.

on the way, we ran out of gas. there are not many exits on the penna turnpike, and there obviously wasn’t enough gas in our tank. simple as that. luckily, we came to a rolling stop directly next to a call box. sam called got out and pressed the button, and we waited for a half hour in the van. i wouldn’t want to experience this with any other group of guys. as i’m sitting here thinking about it, it’s almost laughable how calm we are in those situations. i suppose we’re used to it. there isn’t much that worries us on the road anymore. T always allots about nine extra hours for unexpected events like that, so we were still on time. if it were up to me and trav, we would be late for everything.
uh oh… here comes sam:

“quick! turn the TV to channel 15!” super troopers is on.
“do you want to finish this sam?”
alright i’m out. here’s sam.

(sam) The Great Show. The Secret Show.

On Channel 15 is Super Troopers. It was made by a Canadian comedy troupe called BROKEN LIZARD. They’re funny guys. I recommend this movie highly.

Joe might want to talk about this later, but in case he doesn’t I think I should mention it. Joe turned into a woodsman today. When we ran out of gas on the turnpike, he told us all he was going into the woods to live for a while. We could find nothing wrong with that…so we let him go. With no links to civilization other than his cell phone, a pack of Marlboro Ultra-Lights, a coffee cup, a zippo lighter, his leather jacket, hand-made jeans, paratrooper combat boots, and his designer hair gloss stuff….he set off.

10 minutes later he was back in the van.

So that was our day. Since not a ton of cool stuff happened….I would like to take a moment to talk about something that’s become almost central to my life in the past few weeks. Something that’s changed me.

The Matrix Reloaded.

If you haven’t seen it yet, then you should. Tomorrow. Today if you can. Twice, three times, as much as you can. This movie is the greatest movie ever made. It will stand as the greatest movie ever made until the day I download the third one and see that. At that point, my life will effectively end b/c I will totally stop eating and drinking. I will sit in front of my computer watching Matrix, Reloaded, and Revolutions until I waste away to nothing. It’ll. Be. Awesome.

I’m out duders. Be good. Drive safe. Don’t do drugs.