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hey again. i am three and o for the journals so far. i’m doing my best to keep you entertained and informed. it is the end of a very long day. we rolled into the city early. early enough for me to rip large shreds of rubber out of one of our rear trailer tires while trying to park on Bowery. awesome. that makes three days in a row. the tire was still holding air, but t insisted on changing it. he’s was probably right in doing so. i always knock him for worrying excessively about little things, but there are always little things going wrong on me that may have been prevented if i had his mentality. i suppose that’s one of the great parts about being in a band–the checks and balances.

then we had a great soundcheck, thanks to Randy, the greatest sound guy in the world (Fuel, Collective Soul, etc.), and went do dinner.

the show was cool. we played 40 minutes or so, mostly new songs, for a pretty full house, and of course all you internet junkies watching the live stream. we really enjoyed reading the commentary over at the message baords. thanks for being there in spirit. it was so great to be at CB’s again. that is the greatest sounding room in the world. it’s so rock. hopefully we’ll be back within a few months.

after the show, we went out to a club. they let me walk right in, but everyone else was haulted at the door. i didn’t realize it until after i was inside, but it was gay night. i’m not making this up. i suppose they let me in because i look more gay. eventually they all made it through, and T got his butt grabbed on the way. we didn’t stay long, but it was awfully entertaining being there.

i’ll leave you with some photos from the show. i am dead tired.
take care


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nothings and something

another day, another problem with the van. we forgot to turn the light in the trailer off last night, so there was no juice left in the battery today. we talked two lawn care guys at the hotel into giving us a jump. (thanks lawn care guys! hope to see you at the show this weekend.) so that wasn’t really so bad. just set us back a couple hours, and for a day off, being late for something you’re not really “scheduled” to do is no big deal. as a side note–for the last month or so, starting the van has been a two-person operation. one guy has to jiggle the battery cable, while the other guy turns the key. you can’t do it yourself. impossible. unless you had 8 foot long arms. the cable is loose and dirty, and we just haven’t had the motivation or equipment (the right sized wrench) to fix it. we suck. on top of that, the antennae doesn’t like to go up or down anymore. it just makes a loud, deep, scratchy sound for thirty seconds whenever someone attempts to turn on the van. at first, it was startling. now, it’s almost cute.

as i sort of said yesterday, there are always more important things to worry about. or at least, more things to worry about.

so during our day off, Travis, Aaron and i went to NYC to walk around for a while and catch up with some old friends. it was SO cool to be in new york again. if i wasn’t in this band, i would be making art in a 5×5 foot roach-infested studio apartment somewhere in soho. we didn’t really do much today. mainly just walked around looking at crazy people and weird things, feeling like grown-up’s, talking about nothings and somethings.

meanwhile, T and Sam were at Dave’s house to eating his food and play his kids’ video games. they ate meatloaf. i don’t know what they played. Dave is the owner of the Sterling. He rocks. Dave makes our world go round. at least, while we’re in the eastern U.S. i can’t wait to play the Sterling this weekend. but first, tomorrow is CBGB’s! i hope we play well.

maybe we’ll see you in new york. and if not, don’t forget about the webcast at we need your moral support.

everyone is asleep but me. just finished some peanut butter and crackers and a banana. i am smoking a cigarette, glowing from the laptop, listening to breathing from the beds, in and out, in and out, getting very sleepy…

sweet dreams


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Hey you. What’s happening? I have been busy. I am in a good mood. I am drinking Barq’s famous olde tyme root beer. since 1898, it’s good! You know it’s good when tyme is spelled with a y, olde gets an extra e, and the o’s of root interlock. You don’t see that shit on Mug. Good since…2000! You can’t put extra vowels in the description of a product that hasn’t existed for more than fifty years.

We’ve got lots of “behind the scenes” stuff going on right now, so if you get the impression from this website that we are dead, we are not, we are simply doing stuff that isn’t reflected on the internet. Yet. Sam told me the other day that you can catch a live stream of every CBGB’s performance on their official website. That includes ours, this tuesday. So if geography prohibits you from attending, go here and click “go to live stream” under “CBGB & Omfug” at around 9:30. That’s cool. The wonders of technology. We are leaving for a week on Sunday. We’ve been practicing long days in preparation for this trip. I can’t wait to get out and play some shows. New York City and Allentown in the same week…It’s going to rule.

Goodnight folks.


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